Wednesday, February 26, 2020

448. Assorted Prints

Local sellers in England regularly offer works by Ricketts and Shannon at auctions. It takes some effort, from abroad, to keep track of these auctions. Last Saturday Bellmans in Wisborough Green, West Sussex sold a lot with assorted prints.

Bellmans, The Saturday Sale, 22 February 2020
'The Saturday Sale' (22 February 2020) included lot 113: 'a group of assorted prints' by British and European artists; a mishmash, with artists whose names were not spelled correctly. For example, the real name of 'Amanda Rassemfosse' is Armand Rassenfosse.

The lot contained eight prints, three of which were lithographs by Shannon. The whole was sold for £650.

The lithographs by Shannon are not identified by the cataloguer. The image shows that they are 'The Ebb Tide' (1917), 'The Cup of Tea' (1907), and the fan-shaped lithograph 'The Promontory' (1907/8).

Charles Shannon, 'The Cup of Tea' (1907) [detail]

A detail of 'The Cup of Tea' (this is one of ten copies printed in green) shows the intimacy of the scene. It's hard to tell if the copy in the auction was also printed in green - I think this is one of the twenty copies in black.