Wednesday, August 12, 2020

472. Summer

The Magazine of Art of April 1892 used a headpiece drawn by Charles Ricketts for an (unrelated) article on 'Painter-Etching'. The drawing symbolises one of the four seasons, 'Summer'. 

Charles Ricketts, 'Summer' (1892)

A reclining nymph is surrounded by four putti, a peacock, lilies, waterlilies, and a butterfly, around a pond. The title is drawn in a cartouche in the upper left hand corner.

This was a genre of decorative drawing that earned Ricketts some money. He also got more journalistic assignments, which were perhaps less to his taste. 

The very same month he published a completely different drawing in Black & White: 'The Coal Famine – Poor Children Gleaning Coal on the Banks of the Thames at Limehouse'.

Charles Ricketts, 'The Coal Famine' (1892)

The first drawing was based on fantasy, the second was probably drawn from a photograph.