Wednesday, June 19, 2013

99. Charles Shannon on Wikipedia

Charles Shannon's entry on Wikipedia was created in 2005, a year later than that for Ricketts. It contains one image, his self-portrait from the National Portrait Gallery.

Shannon's biography is captured in a single paragraph that mentions his education, the meeting with Ricketts, his paintings, and lithographs, as well as museum collections that hold works by Shannon. His book designs for Oscar Wilde (A House of Pomegranates), his binding designs for Wilde's plays, nor his collaboration on pre-Vale Press books with Ricketts are mentioned. The entry lists references, bibliographies, and external links.

Charles Shannon's self-portrait from the collection of the National Portrait Gallery (souce: Wikicommons)
There are no links to entries in other languages.

The world according to Wikipedia... This lemma indicates that the Wikipedians who worked on it, have an interest in his lithographs, and paintings, but not in other aspects of his art and life, and that all are from the English-speaking countries.