Wednesday, June 18, 2014

151. Ricketts and Shannon on YouTube

Charles Ricketts, in October 2013, became the subject of a three minute YouTube video posted by Elysia Lee.

YouTube video, posted October 2013
The video seems to be the outcome of a first acquaintance with Ricketts's works, perhaps at art school, by means of internet or library books. (The images have a low resolution.) 

The video starts with the question: 'Have you heard of this artist? Charles Ricketts. After this video you should know him a little more.'

Then, captions are shown: 'writer', 'typography', 'paintings', 'sculptures', 'illustrations', 'theatre designs', and '...more'.

The video concentrates on the Oscar Wilde relation, and the illustrations for The Sphinx, and tells us that Ricketts's 'personality' did not embrace 'realism'. All these short messages are written on white paper boards with a black marker. A few examples of his theatre designs end the show. 

A video on Charles Shannon was posted in August 2013 by "PicsOfBest" - a typical internet alias. The video misses its goal as it merely shows fragments of pictures, photographs and lithographs or drawings - omitting  for example, heads, and surroundings. The music, abruptly stopped at the end, does not seem to fit the subject.