Wednesday, January 7, 2015

180. A Bibliography of Charles Ricketts

Shortly, the Paulton Press will publish a simple unillustrated booklet in a limited edition, A Bibliography of Charles Ricketts, listing the essays on typography and art written by Ricketts, including book reviews, prose stories, art books, and letters written to the editors of several newspapers.

'Puvis de Chavannes' (The Dial, No. 1, 1889):
text and wood-engraving by Charles Ricketts
The first descriptions in the bibliography are from 1889:
  • [C. Ricketts], ‘Puvis de Chavannes’, in: The Dial, No. 1 ([August] 1889), p. 1-4. [a]
  • C. Ricketts, ‘A Glimpse of Heaven’, in: The Dial, No. 1 ([August] 1889), p. 19-22. [p]
  • C. Ricketts, ‘The Cup of Happiness’, in: The Dial, No. 1 ([August] 1889), p. 27-33. [p]
  • [Chas. H. Shannon, Cs. Ricketts (the editors?)], ‘Apology’, in: The Dial, No. 1 ([August] 1889), p. 36. [a]

The last items in the bibliography (apart from the posthumous publications) are:
  • Charles Ricketts, ‘Detestable, but a Poet. A Study of Baudelaire’, in: The Observer, 19 July 1931, p. 4. [r]
  • Charles Ricketts, ‘Age-Long Egypt’, in: The Observer, 16 August 1931, p. 4. [r]

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