Wednesday, March 16, 2016

242. Vale Press Vine Borders (5)

The series of vine borders that Charles Ricketts designed for his Vale Press books is longer than I thought it would be a few weeks ago.

Charles Ricketts, vine border for Thomas Browne,
Religio Medici, Urn Burial, Christian Morals, and Other Essays (1902)

The largest vine border was done for one of a series of folio editions of the Vale Press, comprising Sir Thomas Browne's Religio Medici, Urn Burial, Christian Morals, and Other Essays, edited by C.J. Holmes, and published in 1902.

It is similar in style and detail to that for the Omar Khayyam edition, but it is much larger, as the Browne volume is c. 30 x 20 cm. The border is signed 'CR' in the lower left hand corner, and encloses the first text page (after the introduction). It was not engraved by Ricketts but by Charles Edward Keates.

The border has not been used again.