Wednesday, August 24, 2016

265. A Wilde Book from the Woodring Collection

The Carl Woodring collection is at the Fondren Library, Rice University, Houston, TX, and contains his excellent collection of Ricketts and Shannon material. A photo of his copy of Oscar Wilde's Poems (1891) was published online.

Oscar Wilde, Poems (1891) [Rice University]
The 'What's in Woodson'  blog that  highlights new and interesting collections, records, memorabilia, and rare books located at the Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library,  wrote about the collection.

The lower right corner of the front cover has been bumped, and the spine at the top seems to have been damaged as well. Good copies of this binding have survived, but they are quite rare. The colour is vulnerable to light, the corners are fragile, the gold may darken or disappear.

This is No. 91 of 200 copies.