Tuesday, September 13, 2016

268. The 2nd of October

The date of 2 October is drawing near:

Birthday of King Richard III, of England (1452), Isabella of Naples, Duchess of Milan (1470), Saint Charles Borromeo, Italian cardinal (1538), Jacob Louys, Flemish engraver (1595), Andreas Gryphius, German lyric poet and dramatist (1616), François-Timoléon de Choisy, French writer (1644), Guillaume Poitevin, composer (1646), Frantisek Ignac Antonin Tuma, composer (1704), Leopold Widhalm, Austrian luthier (1722), Franz Schneider, composer (1737), Samuel Story, Dutch admiral (1752), Jacob van Strij, Dutch cartoonist/graphic artist, and Josef Jawurek, composer (1756), William Carr Beresford, 1st Viscount Beresford (1768), Philip Cipriani Hambley Potter, pianist/composer (1792), Anton Emil Titl, composer (1809), Gunnar Wennerberg, composer (1817), George Washington Getty, Bvt Major General (1819), Alexander Peter "Old Straight" Stewart, Lt Gen (1821), Jan Kappeyne van de Coppello, Dutch Internal minister (1822), Edmund Jackson Davis, Brigadier General (1827), Charles Floquet, French statesman (1828), Edward Burnett Tylor, English anthropologist, and Julius von Sachs, botanist/naturalist (1832), Rev. William Corby, American Catholic priest (1833), Louis A. Ranvier, French anatomist/historian (1835), Hans Thoma, German painter (1839), Paul von Hindenburg (1847), Ferdinand Foch, military commander (1851), William Ramsay, chemist (1852), Marthinus T. Steyn, President of Orange-Free state (1857), and Charles Ricketts (1866), and, among others: Wallace Stevens, poet (1879), Dick Ket, painter (1902), Graham Greene, writer (1904), Vivian Ridler, printer (1913), Jan Morris, travel writer (1926), Annie Leibovitz, photographer (1949)...

Soon you may find out what this image has to do with Charles Ricketts: