Wednesday, July 19, 2017

312. Ricketts on Art UK

So far, videos about Charles Ricketts or Charles Shannon on YouTube are minor and insignificant. However, some websites contain excellent material. One of those is Art UK, a website devoted to art works in British collections.


On ArtUK 27 paintings by Ricketts have been illustrated. The images and short descriptions also refer to their current location in one of the British museums. 

ArtUK: works by Charles Ricketts
The collection is still relatively small, but the images are outstanding, can be used for non-commercial purposes, and as variant paintings are also included some comparisons can easily be made. In Ricketts's case, for example, we have two versions of his painting of Don Juan in the graveyard. One version (from the Government Art Collection, London) is called 'Don Juan and the Equestrian Statue', the other version (now at the National Galleries of Scotland) is called 'Don Juan and the Commander'.

Charles Ricketts, 'Don Juan and the Equestrian Statue' (Government Art Collection)
and Charles Ricketts, 'Don Juan and the Commander' (National Galleries of Scotland)
[Images from: ArtUK]
Charles Shannon's work is represented by 59 works.