Wednesday, November 2, 2016

275. The Label on a Sea-Nymph

In July 2015, I noted that an early painting by Charles Shannon had not been sold at an Irish auction. This was 'A Sea Nymph', an undated painting, apparently signed 'CHS'. The signature of the painter nor the label on the back of the painting, as reproduced by the auctioneers, could be deciphered. 

[See blog 205 A Sea Nymph by Charles Shannon.]

Charles H. Shannon, 'A Sea Nymph'
The current owner of this painting has now come to the rescue.

Monogram 'CHS', for Charles Hazelwood Shannon, 'A Sea Nymph'
The painting did not sell at auction; it was later acquired from the original owner by the buyer. It is he (who desires to stay anonymous), who just now has sent me some images of the monogram 'CHS' (ascertaining the authorship of Shannon), and of the label on the back.

Label on the back of 'A Sea Nymph'
The label is that of the firm of J.J. Patrickson, 120, Fulham Road, South Kensington. According to the current owner, the firm was in business there between 1920 and 1961, and he wonders if the frame is original, 'as the canvas is also unlined'. [See also: British Picture Framemakers, 1600-1950 online.]

The label tells us that the firm had versatile ambitions, as was usual: they did 'restoration & renovation of oil paintings & engravings', they could supply 'old frames, copied, cut down & enlarged', and they had 'mouldings for the framing of photographs, etchings, watercolours, engravings, etc., always in stock'.

The painting might have had an interesting provenance: when was it sold by Shannon? Who acquired it? Who had it framed (and perhaps later reframed)?

[Thanks are due to the current owner, who mailed me the images on 1 November 2016.]