Wednesday, March 16, 2022

554. The Voice of Paul Delaney

On YouTube, a podcast has been published by Nigel Beale. He interviews Paul Delaney, Ricketts's biographer, about Ricketts's life and art, but also about how the biography published in 1990 came about. The recording lasts just over an hour and the only image used is a recent portrait of Delaney.

See the podcast Paul Delaney on Biography & writing the fascinating life of Charles Ricketts.

Also available on the website 'The Biblio File', hosted by Beale, as Paul Delaney on writing the life of book designer Charles Ricketts.

Beale introduces the podcast as follows: 

I met with Paul Delaney at his home in Moncton, New Brunswick, where we talked about, among other things, his nom de plume (J. G. P. Delaney), about Ricketts of course, and his adventurous mother; about Ricketts' long time companion artist Charles Shannon; about publisher and editor Rupert Hart Davis, and about Paul's experience writing the biography of artist Glyn Philpot.

Paul Delaney (photo: Nigel Beale, 2021)

Copies of the Ricketts biography can only be bought second-hand, as Clarendon Press has not published a second edition of Charles Ricketts. A Biography after the first sold-out hardcover edition from 1990. Nowadays, copies cost anything between €44 and  €536, the latter price being ridiculous, of course. About €100 is the average price.

Also still available, but almost sold out, is the supplement Delaney (and Corine Verney) published a few years back. To buy a copy, see blog 277. An Indispensable Supplement to Charles Ricketts's Biography.